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FNHS Professional Register for Personalised Care Roles Consultation

21 April 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Presenter: Jim Phillips, Personalised Care Group NHSE/I

This webinar will summarise the feedback received to date, it is timed to allow for further consideration before the consultation period ends.
These are new roles in the NHS and the Personalised Care Group is developing the support programme for them. This includes ensuring that each of the personalised care roles have a common set of competences, standards, ongoing professional development, peer support and supervision. This will ensure that health care professionals can be assured that all of the new roles are working to similarly high standards as other roles in the NHS. A register for each of these roles is part of this support.

Professional Registers

The aim is to establish a register of practitioners for each of these roles and NHSE are consulting on the selection criteria to be used to choose a partner for this work. The partner will work with us and the Professional Standards Agency, to establish and host the registers and promote their usage to the additional roles.

The Professional Standards Agency has a number of requirements for an organisation to hold a register, which include:

 *   that it is committed to protecting the public and promoting public confidence in the occupation it registers;
 *   that it understands and monitors the risks relating to the practice of its registrants;
 *   the organisation demonstrates that it has the capacity to inspire confidence in its ability to manage the register effectively; and
 *   that it promotes standards and sets appropriate educational standards.

In addition to this, it is important  that the chosen partner has good cross-sector relationships across health, social care and the voluntary sector; understands the values of personalised care and how it is delivered in practice; commits to strategic co-production of the elements within the registers; and, provides a sustainable and long-term commitment to the holding of the registers.

This consultation is about whether these are the correct attributes that NHSE should use to choose a partner and whether there are additional or alternative considerations that they should take into account when developing the register.