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Newham Protected Learning Time Sessions

June 15 @ 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm

The events are virtual events and will be recorded. There will be two sessions running in parallel, virtual session one will be for clinical staff and virtual session two will be for non-clinical staff.

Please read the updated cover arrangement information below and submit your cover request by CoP 7th June.

Virtual Session 1
​Please click here to register to the session and receive a calendar invite with joining link.
2:30 – 3:00 – Women’s Health Including Menopause – Dr Sangeeta Agnihotri
Target Group: Clinical staff

3:00 – 5:30 – Diabetes & Weight Management 
Target Group: Any Primary Care Healthcare Professionals including personalised care roles
The aim of the session is to raise awareness on how lifestyle interventions can improve patient outcomes by supporting changes in weight, physical activity and diet. These measures impact all patients regardless of whether they are prescribed medication or not. By changing our mindset to include non-pharmacological interventions in diabetes management, we hope to increase the uptake of weight management services and referral into remission pathways.

Learning objectives:  

  • Awareness of how dietary changes can influence diabetes control and the impact of carbohydrates and processed foods on weight management and lifestyle
  • Improve awareness of available weight management programmes, and with shared decision-making, support referral to the most suitable programme for individual patients
  • Improve confidence in adjusting medication for patients participating in weight management programmes
  • Increase awareness of the remission pathway and referral routes in Newham
  • Why is diet important in diabetes management?
  • Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme – to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes
  • What about medication?
  • Alternatives to Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme
  • Q&A
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Virtual Session 2 – Non-clinical
​Please click here to register to the session and receive a calendar invite with joining link.
2:30 – 4:00 – Triage & Recognising Red Flags 
Target Group: Non-clinical staff
The key objective of this web workshop is to help frontline non-clinical staff actively triage and recognise any red flags in order to help patients access the right care at the earliest opportunity. It is a system of ‘triage’ carried out at the first point of contact with the GP Practice by non-clinical staff under direction of the clinical team.

Red Flag early recognition of the sick patient is to be encouraged, throughout our health care services to ensure the care received is appropriate to the illness. Front line staff booking in and monitoring busy waiting rooms need the knowledge on recognising the unwell or deteriorating patient to ensure urgent care is summoned if required.

There are numerous drivers for this patient centred approach and outcomes will include a more streamlined clinical workload, improving efficiencies in terms of access to services and patient satisfaction. It will achieve this by releasing valuable clinical time and resources. Staff will actively manage requests for GP appointments and safely redirect inappropriate consultations to the most appropriate care provider. Applying the RIGHT PERSON RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME approach.

This workshop is aimed at GP reception staff and HCAs, who work face to face or via telephone booking patients in or HCAs doing the initial triage/observations. Receptionists and HCAS working in the urgent care setting or walk in centres may also find this beneficial as they also book patients in and monitor the waiting room.


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • New ways of working
    • Care Navigators
    • ARRS roles
  • Ensuring patient safety
    • Recognising Red Flag symptoms
    • Clinical Triage for safe ‘Signposting’
    • How can we keep patients safe?
    • What does triage mean?
    • Why triage matters
    • The process
  • Reception Non-Clinical Triage
    • Triage / signposting
    • Triage scenarios
    • Asking the right questions
  • Q&A – Summary
If by attending, your practice opening offer would need to be a skeleton one, Newham Health Collaborative will be able to provide the telephone cover for the period of 2:30pm-6:30pm with a same day urgent care offer – this means that your telephone lines will be transferred to NHC from no earlier than 2:30pm.

To arrange this cover please email Newham Health Collaborative nhc@nhs.net and ICB team nelondonicb.tnwprimarycare@nhs.net by no later than by 5pm on Wednesday the 7th June.

NHC will cover the telephones until 6:30pm, but they cannot transfer your phone service to your out of hours provider – so you will need someone in your team to do this at your practice at 6:30pm to complete this task.

NHC call handlers will complete an initial triage when taking each call and patients will be referred to one of our Urgent Care GPs who will provide a telephone consultation. If an urgent face to face appointment is needed, the patient will be offered an appointment at our UTC divert service Essex Lodge. Please do not signpost your patients to Essex Lodge if attending the PLT session.

Practices should plan for a skeleton service at their premises and patients should be able to access the practice to collect prescriptions, etc.

If you are aware of a member of your practice team who has not received the email invitation, please advise Johanna North on Johanna.North1@nhs.net who will be happy to ensure that their details are added to the circulation list.