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Think Genomics: Primary Care Genomic Education Programme

10 November 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The programme consists of a series of 3 x 1 hour modules with time included for Q&As.

There will be suggested pre-reading which will support the interaction and learning on the day. Also, please do bring any cases/scenarios to the day which can be worked through with the faculty. We also ask that participants complete a pre and post event self assessment.



To provide an overview of the Genomic Medicine Service (GMS) and an opportunity to explore its application within primary care.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme participants will be able to:-

  • Outline the provision for genomic medicine now available and the future of the service
  • Describe what to look out for when patients present.
  • Be aware of available risk assessment tools and their application.
  • Know how to manage a patient requiring a genetic referral.
  • Explain the current situation regarding Direct to Consumer Testing


Module 1

  • Introduction to Genomics
  • Overview of ‘red flags’
  • Overview of the National Genomic Test Directory

Faculty – Dr Angela Brady and Dr Anwar Khan

Upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday 28 March 1-2pm
  • Wednesday 19 April 1-2pm
  • Tuesday 02 May 1-2pm


Module 2

  • Explore familial cancer, in particular breast cancer and Lynch syndrome
  • An introduction to risk assessment tools

Faculty – Dr Angela Brady, Demetra Georgiou and Dr Anwar Khan

Upcoming dates:

  • Thursday 18 May 1-2pm
  • Tuesday 27 June 1-2pm
  • Wednesday 12 July 1-2pm


Module 3

  • Introduction to Pharmacogenomics
  • How to respond to Direct To Consumer Testing

Faculty – Dharmisha Chauhan and Dr Anwar Khan

Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday 13 September 1-2pm
  • Thursday 12 October 1-2pm
  • Friday 10 November 1-2pm