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Admin, Reception & Managers: Complaints Handling for Non-Clinical Staff in Primary Care (3.5 hours)

November 13 @ 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Overview: This three-hour Complaints Handling workshop will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle complaints effectively and efficiently. The workshop will cover various aspects of complaints handling, including ensuring practice policies are correct and managing persistent communicators/complainants within the practice. Additionally, there will be an update on the policy change since 1st July 2023, which now requires members of the public to contact their local Integrated Care Board (ICB) instead of NHS England to make any complaints. 

By the end of this web workshop, delegates will be able to: 

  • Understand the importance of effective complaints handling in the primary care setting. 
  • Comprehend the legal and regulatory framework surrounding complaints handling. 
  • Evaluate and update current practice policies to ensure compliance with the latest policy change (since 1st July 2023) of directing complaints to the local Integrated Care Board (ICB). 
  • Utilise active listening techniques and demonstrate empathy in their communication with complainants. 
  • Manage and de-escalate tense situations effectively, handling emotions with professionalism and respect. 
  • Identify and manage persistent communicators/complainants in a constructive manner, preventing escalation of complaints. 
  • Conduct fair and thorough investigations into complaints, maintaining confidentiality and involving relevant stakeholders appropriately. 
  • Implement strategies for resolving complaints, providing appropriate remedies and solutions. 
  • Establish follow-up procedures to ensure complainants’ satisfaction and resolution. 
  • Utilise complaints as opportunities for learning and continuous improvement in the primary care setting. 
  • Engage in role-play exercises and analyse case studies to practice and improve complaints handling skills. 

Guidance notes and will be provided to support this workshop and certificates of attendance are awarded after the workshop. 

Training Provider: Practice Managers Association (PMA)