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Practice Managers: CQC Inspection – being ready for when it happens (3 hours)

July 10 @ 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Overview: This workshop delves into the CQC assessment process, equipping participants with effective strategies to navigate it successfully. Our focus is on fostering a culture of engagement within GP Practices by enhancing understanding of the CQC assessment framework. This session is meticulously updated to integrate the latest 2024 CQC guidelines, indicating a gradual transition toward revised assessment methodologies. 

Throughout the training, we’ll talk through the implementation of CQC’s new assessment framework, powered by CQC’s integrated assessment teams and supported by technology. We’ll seamlessly integrate explanations of the new single assessment framework. 

The workshop is interactive, offering pragmatic guidance for participants to adapt techniques to their specific practices. It incorporates case studies, illustrating exemplary practices and instances of below average practices. Group exercises facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the assessment process by encouraging colleague interaction. Our objective is to provide a practical and applicable framework for achieving CQC compliance. 


  • Enhance participants’ comprehension of the CQC Assessment process. 
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of CQC methodology and preparatory strategies. 
  • Offer guidance on best practices and identifying indicators of good, outstanding, requires improvement and inadequate services, equipping delegates with due diligence techniques to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with the Health and Social Care regulations. 

Training Provider: Practice Managers Association (PMA)